Hi, I'am Divya Nitin working with pregnant and post natal Moms. Also working as a Lactation consultant in Fathima and Koyili Hospitals, Kannur, Kerala.

Being in the Medical profession having worked as a Physiotherapist both in Dubai and Kerala, it was my two completely different birth experiences which inspired me to embark on a journey of Childbirth and Breastfeeding wherein I strongly feel that awareness and education is the key to having a smooth, happy motherhood experience..

Through a Multifaceted approach, I assist women to stay fit and provide emotional support during their pregnancy and postpartum phase. Certified in below areas.

Antenatal and Postnatal Physiotherapist,

Lactation Educator

Yoga Therapist

Infant Massage Instructor

Infant and Young Child feeding Counsellor

Childbirth Educator

Lactation consultant, Lactation counsellor
Lactation consultant, Lactation counsellor

About Me

Here's what our Moms say

Ms Divya is a really dedicated person...u can freely ask her any of your doubts..she will surely help you out...she was a very good support system during my postpartum period ..be it about feeding or for our physical strength... A high degree of motivation,😊

- Raida Iqbal

”Thank you so much for being available whenever i have doubts about breast feeding, lactation and many many doubts about a new born behaviours😁. I cant be without telling you about the sweet and calm way u explain every query.❣️ Even though u created a group for clearing doubts, u always welcome with us in personnel messages, which i feel very free to communicate. Thank u so much for being supportive mam..”

- Jishna Jayaraj

”Divya is a wonderful consultant for lactation, and postpartum concerns. Shr has always been willingly helpful to clarify our doubts and handhold in this motherhood journey. Lactation would have been a mess If she was not there to guide from day one..”

Aswathi Krishnan

”I am very much happy to participate in the core rehab program. The session was really nice and helped me to heal my diasis recti. Also helped me to follow a good meal plan without effecting lactation which reduced my weight. Thank you mam for being available all the time if I ask any doubt. Overall it was a nice experience..”

- Adithya Kunnoth

”Before meeting Divya mam i was facing the problem of not being able to breastfeed my child but after seeing mam i felt confident enough to breastfeed my child.Divya mam cleared all my doubts about breastfeeding.I had joined divya mam's infant massage class and core rehab program .both of those classed were helpful for me and my baby. Thank you so much Mam for supporting me ❤ "

- Reeba Rajeev

”I always wished having a mentor who could really help me fuel my postpartum days... But never thought i could find one..since these things are not common in kerala..
Then i got to meet Divya ma'am who really helped me start my breastfeeding journey. Her infant masaage class, was totally a game changer. I got some quality time with my baby which inturn flourished the bond between us... Moreover it helped to soothe my baby's colic pain,better digestion, and a prolonged sleep.I am so thankful Divya ma'am, you really helped me relieve from my postpartum blues too by answering my never ending doubts. "

  • - Namitha Anand

”Infant massage class by Divya mam was really helpful for me and my baby. By doing this my baby started to get better sleep at night. And by doing stomach massage and leg massage her gastric problems got reduced. The way u explained was very easy to understand and u corrected where i was wrong. I m very thankful to u mam. "

- Shweta Sandeep

”POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION.. I did hear about it but now going through it. Especially on the feeding of the baby. Then I met Divya mam. I feel it's a boon that I met her. She not only made me realize about the situation and helped me to cope with it by multiple strategies. She is truly a friend that you wish you could have during that time. She is always in touch through WhatsApp. Thank you Mam gorgeous all the help you are rendering. "

- Vinitha V